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Thank You

To all of our camp staff, counselors, security, canteen, arts & crafts, nursing, administrative, activities, recreation, safety, and kitchen staff and so many others who volunteered and served. You have all made this such an amazing experience for our campers! Camp would not have been possible without your support and dedication to making this a memorable, spiritual experience for our campers. 


To our donors and sponsors, thank you for giving from the kindness of your heart, and for the generous support you've provided. The financial benefit you've provided has allowed for so many campers to have an incredible experience with the Lord.

To our campers, you are what makes camp so special; your love, hunger, and desire for God is beautiful and we celebrate the call of the Lord in your lives!

Not sure what to take with you to camp, or wondering how to get there? Download our checklist and direction sheets. 


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