Founded by Rev. Todd Stoner. Our main focus is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to people in the far reaches of the earth. We also want to provide training and resources to pastors and evangelists in those areas so they can be better equipped to fulfill their calling.

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Father's Hope

Founded by Kevin Mertz. Father's Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit organization working to show love to orphans, and children in need of feeling loved, around the world.The main focus is to collect fun items, and items of comfort, such as small stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons and jump ropes, to be shipped or personally delivered to orphanages around the world.

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Fatima's Nest

Fatima's Nest

Founded by Janna Hamilton, "We make "Nest" necklaces to build young single mothers, in Honduras, a home. So far we have built one full home, part of another home, and are developing plans to purchase land for even more homes for these single mothers. We are using the hands of Christ to build these "nests" for single mothers and we need your help!"


We will continue to build homes for single mothers in third world countries. When you purchase any piece of jewelry 100% of proceeds will go toward building home for single mothers in third world countries. Our current project is for Irma in Choluteca, Honduras.

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Honduran Soles

Founded by Andrea & Emily Cole. There are currently 300 million people in the world who do not have shoes, a basic necessity we take for granted each day. We are determined through Honduran Soles to reach as many of these people as we can and bless them with a simple pair of shoes that can change their lives.

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Meet The Founders

Rev. Todd Stoner

Founder of Always Faithful World Ministries

Janna Hamilton

Founder of Fatima's Nest

Kevin Mertz

Founder of Father's Hope

Andrea Smith


Emily Cole

Founders of Honduran Soles

Revival Tabernacle/Hope. Help. Healing./ 570-538-2000/

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